Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Time of Ashes

Scholar Murrin Kentle has spent much of his life in the shadow of the strange island citadel of Lòsh Shargor.

When a horrifying discovery threatens not just his world's peaceful existence, but the gods themselves, he finds himself aboard the bladeship Fat Chance, searching for an obscure artefact which may offer a hope of salvation.

But there's a catch. To do so, he must journey between the worlds of the Sundered Realm: something previously only achieved over the lifetimes of a handful of explorers, at the cost of their sanity. Merely surviving the bizarre environments along the way, not to mention their inhabitants, will force him and his companions - including captain Jarosh Harmal, aristocratic amphibian sisters Sheehan and Seeli hahe Seeheeli, and apprentice sholar Chet Karspin - into reserves of resourcefulness and resilience they never knew they had.

Far away in the desert town of Grel, Coll has been raised by his blacksmith uncle, consumed by hatred for the men responsible for the death of his mother. His thirst for retribution will set in motion a chain of events with consequences he could not have imagined.

Book One of FATE AND THE WHEEL: a serialised story covering a planned 6 books.

Available, along with Book Two, from September 2017 @ Kindle and other ebook outlets.

Hunting Gods

Recovering from terrible injuries in the Kingdom of Tys, scholar and reluctant warrior Murrin Kentle finds unexpected allies in his search for a way to thwart the Corruption.

With war encroaching, hopes of continuing his mission seem lost. Accompanied by the unpredictably violent young bandit Coll, he sets off with new companions to find a temple lost in a distant jungle, said to be guarded by ferocious spirits. The agents of the Corruption, meanwhile, may be closer than they think.

Chet Karspin and the crew of the bladeship Fat Chance discover that they have traded imminent death for more insidious perils. As they struggle to survive it becomes clear that they are at the mercy of forces vastly greater than they are.

Held by the terrifying Veinne Oliént Voseínte in the seemingly impregnable Castle of the Four Winds, sisters Sheehan and Seeli are starting to appreciate that a dungeon offers a kinder fate than some of the alternatives. Yet even in the depths of despair Sheehan will find herself called upon to make decisions affecting the fates of worlds.

Book Two of FATE AND THE WHEEL: a serialised story covering a planned 6 books.

Available, along with Book One, from September 2017 @ Kindle and other ebook outlets.


An enigmatic man with powerful connections and a troubled past. An outcast whose sense of injustice has caused his exile to a lethal star system. The child-like guardian of an ancient machine whose importance neither the guardian nor its young captive can begin to guess. A symbiote whose near-unique abilities led to the genocide of her kind, and whose rage threatens to destroy everything she loves. A fugitive hacker in search of a break after finding himself on the wrong side of the tracks. A beautiful, apparently naive young woman, who may not be everything she seems. And a deformed genius who may hold the key to all their salvations.

All find themselves connected in a struggle with unimaginable stakes.

The odds, however, are stacked against them. A ruthless, yet lonely, secret-services-agent-turned-starship-captain, his self-contained navy, and the combined forces of a shadowy all-powerful corporation, have sworn to preserve their hard-won freedoms by destroying what may ultimately be their own only hope for survival. However costly, and whatever tools are needed to accomplish the task.

As the two mismatched sides race towards a hidden solar system and a seemingly inevitable apocalyptic showdown, it becomes clear that the very tiniest players may unexpectedly be all that stands in the way of the complete annihilation of all known life.

Sanctuary is in the final stages of editing, and should be available early in 2018.

Short Stories


Published in interzone #164, February 2001

Struggling musician Scott Cantlay must save the world from a particularly weird cosmic fate, assisted (and hindered) by the wastrels in his new band and an elocutionally effected four-dimensional alien goat.

Meeting the Relatives

Published in Interzone #171, September 2001

After a mysterious and catastrophic flesh-devouring viral infection claims his brilliant physicist friend, Dr Steadman goes on the run and ends up further from any idea of normality than he could have predicted.