Studio Services


I've a compact but well-appointed sound studio, tailored to recording solo artists, duos and small bands. Larger bands can be catered for by multi-tracking.

The studio's sound-treated and -proofed, with a good supply of cables, shock-mounts, pop-guards etc.. After a lot of experimenting, a compact but well-thought-out selection of microphones and other recording kit is available. If you have a favourite mic, DI or preamp you'd prefer to use, that's fine too!

For multi-day projects, basic accommodation is available for up to 5 (2 double beds, one single). Dunoon is a great place to stay with hillwalks, streams, pebble beaches and Highland views.

If you're thinking of getting something recorded - from dialogue to demos or published CDs, why not get in touch?

Editing, Mixing and Mastering

I have the tools to make your parts sit well in a mix, and to make tracks or albums sound big and polished.

In short, I can make you sound good.

I can record, engineer, mix and master an entire project, giving you a CD or CD image as an end result. Alternatively I can export tracks or stems for your own mixing later, or export a mixdown for later mastering. I can be flexible - from "quick 'n' dirty" demos or big multi-track projects with detailed editing lasting weeks.

I'm happy to edit, mix and master projects that have already been partly or fully recorded.

Why not contact me to discuss what you need?



Modded Oktava MK-012A, pair. Phenomenal small-diaphragm condensers. Stunning on guitars. Heil PR 40. One of the world's best dynamic mics. Shiny Box 46MXL. Couldn't believe the sound of this ribbon mic. Makes violin and cello extraordinary. Audio Technica AT4040. Great on almost anything. My go-to mic. Audio Technica AT2035. Regular 1st pick for female vocals. CAD Equitek E100S. Unique clarity and noise floor. Amazing for spoken word. Rode NT2A (with screen mod). To my surprise, has proved best all-rounder for cello. Sontronics STC-2 (with screen mod). Often 1st pick for male vocals. Audio Technica AT8542. Gooseneck condenser. Great on e.g. whistles, clarinet, percussion. Shure Beta 98H/C. Another useful, quality clip-on. Red Audio RVD 30, pair. Detailed everyday dynamic mics.

Preamps & inputs

Broadhurst Gardens No. 1. Twin-channel preamp. Immense sound. Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB interface. 4 excellent, drier-sounding preamps. 8 tracks simultaneous audio recording. Headway EDB-1 Acoustic Preamp. Usable on-stage, but lovely sound.  Radial J48 Active Direct Box. Pretty much the best DI out there.

Workstation equipment & Software

My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is Presonus Studio One, fully up to date (I came to Studio One from Pro Tools, and prefer it). Celemony Melodyne is integrated for pitch correction, and I have a stand-alone version of Propellerhead Reason. Monitoring is by JBL LSR4326P monitors and JBL 4312SP sub, which I like for their balance and unhyped detail, and Sennheiser's superb HD650 headphones.

I made a conscious choice to use virtual plugins rather than a physical effects rack. I have some of the best available - covering all manner of delays, reverbs, limiters, EQs, compressors, saturators etc. and other effects from subtle fairy-dust to bonkers distortions and other madness. Sound and effects libraries too. Examples include PSP Audioware MixPack2 and MasterComp, Valhalla room, IK Multimedia Amplitube and TRackS, Ohm Force Ohm Boyz and Ohmygod, and others by Toneboosters, Voxengo etc. in addition to the (very good) plugins in Studio One.

A mastering suite is fully integrated into Presonus Studio One.