Ru Pringle ~ Composing & Songwriting

Music Books

ORIGINAL TUNES FOR SCOTTISH FIDDLE AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS  69 original tunes in, or influenced by, Scottish traditional styles. Scored for fiddle but playable on instruments ranging from cello, tenor banjo and mandolin to whistle & bagpipes. Illustrated & indexed, with chords for accompanists & icons showing which are whistle-, bagpipe- & cello-friendly. From slow airs to Strathspeys, reels, jigs, 9/4s ... even a 5/8 & an 11/8. Nineteen feature 2 versions, e.g. a cello- and bagpipe-friendly setting. £29

ORIGINAL TUNES FOR SCOTTISH TRAD CELLO  54 original tunes broadly in the Scottish tradition, written or arranged for cello (bass clef). Illustrated & indexed, with chords for accompanists. £25

Both collections are inkjet printed on quality 120gsm paper with a spine binder to allow page separation. If you'd like a personalized copy, let me know (e.g. someone's name as part of the cover). To order, or for more details including postage, please contact me.

Music Writing Service

WRITING TUNES TO HONOUR PEOPLE OR EVENTS has been a tradition in Scotland for centuries.

An original tune (or song) can be an unexpected & unforgettable gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials and other important occasions - or just as a way of showing appreciation to a friend or loved one. If the tune is made public and becomes popular, it can be a small way of immortalising someone.

Why not contact me to discuss requirements? Don't worry - unless you want to, I shouldn't need to go into technical detail to be able to write the right kind of tune. The feeling you're after should be enough, although if you've a type of tune in mind (e.g. major, minor, pipe scale, waltz, slow air, reel, jig etc.), that's also good. See examples here.


I'm flexible, with packages from £195. Examples:

BASIC  Single-line score of an original tune or song with name of your choice, supplied by Email as a JPEG. Ideal if you play an instrument.

FULL SCORE  Fully arranged for lead & accompaniment, supplied as a JPEG, ten printed copies for your friends, & a framed print.

RECORDED  Fully arranged score plus a performance on any two of cello, guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin or didgeridoo. Professionally recorded and mixed (details of my recording and sound engineering services are here), and submitted online as an MP3, or posted on CD.

FULL AUDIO-VISUAL  The complete option for big occasions. A fully arranged and recorded score (as above), used as a sound-track to a professionally edited slideshow or slide & video presentation of your event. For information on my photography services, take a look here.

Sound Tracks

I can produce recorded and fully mixed scores tailored for individual films and presentations, featuring as many parts as required - either fully acoustic, fully electronic / synthesized, or both.

As well as access to a range of real instruments, I have a comprehensive rack of virtual instruments, including unusually good string and piano emulations, synthesisers, and effects capable of anything from sparkly atmosphere to epic filth.

An example of previous screen work can be found here.

Possibilities are endless. If you'd like to discuss them, please contact me.

My Tunes

So far I've composed well over 200 tunes, largely in Scottish and occasionally Irish styles, although I also enjoy fooling around with unusual time signatures. Besides being played by my duo Tattie Jam, my tunes are increasingly making their way into the session circuit, and getting picked up by bands in countries like the USA.

Sound Tracks, Themes & Film Scores

I'm increasingly producing work as film scores, musical themes and sound-tracks (I collaborated with actress and cellist Seylan Baxter to arrange, record and produce the score for the award-winning short film Best Man).

My Songs

So far, I've written around 60 songs in pop, rock, electronic dance music and folk/traditional styles on subjects from love (including lost or twisted varieties) or train journeys to historical figures, protest songs, existential despair or a desire to be various random creatures. Tones range from dark or wistful to humorous.

I've also arranged dozens of traditional songs into modern settings.