Ru Pringle ~ Photo Library


My stock images have been used around the world, including most of the UK's prominent newspapers. While focusing on the wild parts the world, I've photographed anything I found interesting - including buildings, people, wildlife, towns and machinery, agriculture and culture.


I've a large library of images from Scotland, going back to 1988. Most are of the outdoors covering most of the Munros (Scottish mountains higher than 3000 feet) and increasing numbers of the Corbetts (Scottish mountains between 2500 and 3000 feet), as well as quite a lot of climbing and mountaineering shots and pctures of other wild places, beaches, and skyscapes. Other images include architecture and cityscapes, villages, the music scene and some wildlife.

Rest of the World

I amassed a lot of travel stock from various parts of the globe during my time first as a scientific postgraduate and mountaineer, then as a travel journalist, and later touring with my band. Stock includes mountaineering and hiking in the French Alps, Karakoram, Andes, Canadian Rockies, Pyrénées, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand and the West of Ireland, as well as more general travel in these places as well as England, Wales, Iceland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Morocco, Zambia, Botswana, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada and the USA. I am always aiming to expand my coverage to places I haven't visited yet!

Prices for photo use by negotiation. Let me know what you're after.